Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Cat on "Where The Action Is" Kirkcaldy VRN 1287 AM - Sunday 12 July 2009

This is the playlist for tonight's show::

The Action - Shadows and Reflections (Parlophone 1967)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)
The Mamas and the Papas - Go Where You Wanna Go (Dunhill 1965)
The Shangri-las - Out In The Streets (Red Bird 1965)
The Rockin' Berries - He's In Town (Piccadilly 1964)
The Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine (GNP Crescendo 1965)
The Boys - Splendor In The Grass (Kama Sutra 1965)
The Ad-Libs - He Ain't No Angel (Blue Cat 1965)
The Ivy League - Running Round In Circles (Piccadilly 1966) (Connect 3)
Les Fleur de Lys - Circles (Immediate 1966) (Connect 3)
Buffy Sainte-Marie - The Circle Game (Vanguard 1967) (Connect 3)
The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby (Capitol 1964)
The Chiffons - I Have A Boyfriend (Laurie 1963)
Julie Grant - Somebody Tell Me (Pye 1962) (Birthday: 12/7/46 Julie Grant)
Barry McGuire - This Precious Time (Dunhill 1966)
The Bandits - I Remember The Girl (Panorama 1966)
France Gall - Christiansen (Philips 1964) (Foreign Language)
The Jelly Beans - Baby Be Mine (Red Bird 1964)
David Ede & The Rabin Rock Band - Twistin' Those Meeces To Pieces (Pye 1962) (Half-Time Instrumental)
Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes - Guitar Child (RCA Victor 1964)
Sharon Marie - Run-Around Lover (Capitol 1963)
The Exciters - Do-Wah-Diddy (United Artists 1963)
The Survivors - Pamela Jean (Capitol 1964)
The Byrds - Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe (Columbia 1965)
The Honeys - The One You Can't Have (Capitol 1963)
The Spooks - Sally Machine (Egomania 2001) (Under The Influence)
Moody & The Deltas - Everybody Come Clap Your Hands (Daisy 1963)
Big Star - I'm In Love With A Girl (Stax 1973)
The Fashionettes - Daydreamin' of You (GNP Crescendo 1964)
Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby (London 1961) (Connect 3)
Bobby Sheen - I Want You For My Sweetheart (Dimension 1965) (Connect 3)
Cristo - The Others Side of the Track (Decca 1964) (Connect 3)
Karen Verros - Little Boy (Dot 1965)
Brenda Lee - So Deep (Decca 1962)
The Who - Magic Bus (Track 1968) (Two of a Kind)
The Who - Substitute (Reaction 1966) (Two of a Kind)
The Orchids - That Boy Is Messin' Up My Mind (Columbia 1963)
American Spring - Shyin' Away (Columbia 1973)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)

Remember, if you're ever involved in a non-fatal accident in the Kirkcaldy area, do tune in on 1287AM or Channel 3 on the hospital headsets to "Where The Action Is", a blend of mod, coul, Motown, girl groups/singers and alternative pop from the late 50s through to the early 70s.

Feel free to leave a comment or indeed a request or two. I can't promise to play it immediately - the shows are usually done live but prepared two or three weeks in advance - but I'll endeavour to play them within a month.

The Cat

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