Friday, January 01, 2010

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Straightforward drive to work. Sadly no inclement weather today so I had to work a full day - curse it. The Good Lady Wife wanted "a couple of things" at Tesco after work and left me a list. The couple of things had morphed into twenty items! I downloaded a shopping App to assist me (hey, it was free). Unfortunately it couldn't assist me get a parking space as Tesco was in absolute chaos. The car park, like my own street, hadn't been cleared of ice and as a result the parking spaces were frosted over. No one could see the lines for the parking bays and it turned into a survival-of-the-fittest, fight-to-the-death battle to get parked. I spotted two women emptying a trolley only to see that they also had a couple of babies too. I waited VERY patiently for 10 minutes while they got themselves organised and stared down anyone else who even thought about stealing MY spot.

It wasn't much better in the shop itself but I kept my head as I weaved in and out of the ditherers. Why do people wait until they get to the checkout before asking if something has a guarantee? Why not go to Customer Services first? Calm. Calm. Calm.

Not surprisingly, as soon as I opened my car and began putting stuff in the boot, a car hovered near by. I feel your pain, I thought. I didn't keep them waiting long but then again I didn't have a brood and all that goes with it. As a parent I know how much of a logistic exercise travelling with a child can be.

I got home soon enough, only to realise I'd forgotten crumpets which seemed to have disappeared from the App. The girls had been busy, having watched Merry Madagascar and completed a 100-piece jigsaw of the British Isles. Flick had also written a (rather) short story entitled "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 4". I must confess it was a bit thin on plot but had excellent characterisation. Flick also got a small diary for Christmas and I'm going to encourage her to write something in it every day. I might even get her an A4 one so she can doodle as well; especially considering her writing is large, as it is with most kids of her age.

After a scrummy tea of baked potato, quiche lorraine and the spare chicken leg left over from Christmas Day it was time for yet another Wallace and Gromit. This time, A Close Shave. Watched Celebrity Mastermind. Each night we try and predict the winner and having guessed correctly that Stuart Maconie (an impressive 33) and Alastair Stewart would triumph on the previous two shows, we put our weight behind dark horse Joe Pasquale. After an impressive 17 points on 'Vampires in Film' we were confident that he would complete the job after the General Knowledge round. Sadly it wasn't to be a triumvirate of successful tips as Joe crashed and burned spectacularly, scoring a paltry 4. Oh dear.

Left K to her Waterloo Road while I did some more work on my January radio shows. I know Waterloo Road is supposed to be fiction but the thought that Felicity might go to a school like that in a few years time fills me with dread. I sometimes think it might be best to not know what goes on at school. Is ignorance really bliss? No doubt I'll find out further down the road.

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