Monday, December 10, 2007


Monday 10 December 2007

WMESB™: 3 people on it today.
Driver (WMESB™): I asked for my usual £23 Megarider to Edinburgh to be told there was only a £22 one. He consulted his new ticket machine, in conjunction with laminated list of menus, and confirmed that it was £22. I wasn’t convinced and queried it when I got to the Ferrytoll. They confirmed that it was £22 but having paid £23 for as long as I remember I’m still not convinced. I feel an e-mail coming on.
Driver (X57): I rang the buzzer before preparing to get off at my usual stop. The driver said, sorry, the next stop is the West End. I said, quite firmly, that, no the next stop is the Learmonth Hotel. It has always stopped there. He claimed that since the timetables had changed that it doesn’t stop there. He gave me the old “I’ll stop here this time”. I even pointed to the X57 sticker at the bus stop but he said that that was wrong!! Needless to say the first thing I did when I got to work was e-mail the Operations Manager about both incidents.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the panto with the GLW, the Flickster, the Outlaws and extended family. Whilst I enjoyed the panto itself, I found the view from the box we were in to be absolutely terrible. We got boxes 3 and 4 as a special treat but the view was awful. Tickets for next year’s panto, Aladdin, go on sale in January so we’re going to try and get Boxes 1 and/or 6.

After the panto we went to Monster Mash. We’d pre-ordered so it wasn’t long before I was tucking into Monster Sausages, Champ Mash and Onion Gravy. No room for pudding though!

I spent Sunday doing some serious pottering. I uploaded most of our Christmas CDs onto Sonic Stage and downloaded a few more that I found on the ‘net. It took most of the day (yes, we have that many Christmas CDs). I’m looking at putting together a compilation for a few friends, assuming I can get the time to do it. In between I was listening to other Christmas CDs and grading them so I would know instantly which tracks would make the final cut.

I didn’t watch the Sports Sycophant of the Year. I think the results for the main prizes were correct (not like Louis Hamilton to be second!) but I just can’t believe that the English Rugby Union Team won the team award. In my opinion, it should have gone to either the Northern Ireland football team or the Scotland football team for both performing well above expectations. There was an element of let’s-give-him-something-before-he pops-off about the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sir Bobby Robson but I do think it was well deserved.

Today I e-mailed the employment agency that was dealing with my application for the R & A post. It seems that I was sent two e-mails yet neither of them reached me, which is rather annoying. It seems my CV was shortlisted but there were other people with more experience in that field (or golf course) who were invited for interview. Fair enough, or should that be fairway enough! I haven’t been so disappointed since I didn’t get an interview for the World Curling Federation on Great King Street in Edinburgh. I had visions of turning up to work to met by the cleaners brushing in tandem up the corridor as they attempt to get their mop bucket into the “house”. That thought always tickles me.

Got a call from Claire at The Scotsman asking me if want to write 400 words on my Top 5 favourite Christmas records. Do I ever? I’m sticking with the Top 5 from the other day. Hey, it isn’t a paying gig but it might lead to something. From little acorns etc.


Rocola said...

I love monster mash!!!!!! And monster mex :)

Misery Guts said...

Monster Mex! I've never heard of that but it sounds good. What sort of stuff do they do?

I find most Mexican-style restaurants to be overpriced.


Rocola said...

its just over the road from monster mash! Run by same poeple. I only went once cause they had a good takeout offer. I dont even like Mex!