Thursday, August 28, 2008


We stopped listening to Forth One months ago. Having a playlist is one thing but when you feel like you're hearing the same records day after day, week after week and month after month you have to say enough is enough.

According to their website, Forth One has 33 songs on its playlist, including "About You Now" by the Sugababes, which came out in September last year. (Yes, I know it enjoyed a chart revival but please, enough already). Coldplay's "Violet Hill" from May is still playlisted while current single "Viva La Vida" isn't. Sara Bareilles' May single "Love Song" is still on there too. I'm only surprised that "Chasing Cars" isn't still on the playlist.

It doesn't matter how much you like a song because a couple of months of stations like Forth One and you'll never want to hear that tune again. That's why we're listening to Radio 2 at work now. It's amazing the number of times a day we go "ooh, I haven't heard that in ages".

1. Is Big Brother still on? And who the hell is watching it?
2. Why was the unveiling of the new line up for Strictly Come Dancing considered a big enough story to be on the BBC News?
3. Will Glasgow's domination of the Scottish media world be complete when Bauer's radio stations start networking their evening shows?
4. Simon Cowell, why?
5. Why did the driver of this morning's D7X (yes, since the timetables changed last Monday the World's Most Expensive Shuttle Bus (c) has an "X") not have a clue where he was going? Why did he change the number of the bus a stop early? Why did he confuse every passenger by changing to "53 Edinburgh" instead of "53 Dalgety Bay"? Why did he bother getting out of bed this morning? Why oh why oh spells yo-yo.

Still, I've got my health...

P.S. Still no word from the BBC, Barratt Homes, Orange and/or LPM (Life Property Management aka Licence to Print Money (c)). You would've thought in this era of faster than ever communication that letters would have been replied to quicker. You know what thought did....

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