Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sat 7 Jun – Saw “Eurobeat” at The King’s Theatre, Edinburgh
Sun 8 Jun – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Mon 9 Jun – Fri 13 Jun – Stayed at Tummel Valley Caravan Park, Perthshire
Sun 15 Jun – (afternoon) Kirkcaldy VRN AGM
Sun 15 Jun – (evening) Teenage Fanclub, Oran Mor, Glasgow
Mon 16 Jun – Recorded one-hour interview with Michaela Tabb, world’s leading female pool and snooker referee for VRN.
Fri 20 Jun – Enjoyed Scotsman Recommends prize meal at The Wee Restaurant, North Queensferry
Sat 21 Jun – Edinburgh Zoo with family and friends
Sun 22 Jun – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show (1900-2100) Record Nevis Radio Show
Fri 27 Jun – OFCOM confirmed they have no issue with me recording my Nevis show at VRN
Fri 27 Jun - (2300-0100) My first show is broadcast is on Nevis Radio.
Sun 29 Jun – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show (1900-2100) Record Nevis Radio Show
Wed 2 Jul – (1930) First, and last, VRN Committee meeting. Subsequently resigned from committee after they decide against finding out whether Fife NHS have any objections to me recording my Nevis shows at VRN – very sad.
Fri 4 Jul – (2300-0100) My second, and last, show on Nevis Radio.
Sun 6 Jul – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Mon 7 Jul – (1400) My daughter’s Sports Day
Tue 8 Jul – (1900) The Proclaimers supported by Roddy Hart at The Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline. Actually preferred Roddy Hart's set - spoke to him between sets.
Sun 13 Jul – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Thu 24 Jul – (1245/1315) Written Exercise and Interview for Radio Scotland job at BBC HQ, Pacific Quay, Glasgow
Sat 26 Jul- Sun 27 Jul – Spent the weekend at Dave and Moira’s
Sun 27 Jul – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Tue 29 Jul – Unsuccessful application for BBC job. Requested feedback.
Thu 31 Jul – Whilst trying to get some background information on a local issue, one of my four local councillors (Lib Dem Tony Martin) made this comment about me: “This constituent is a serial complainer that writes to all and sundry on anything and everything. However I would like you to investigate his assumption in point 2 of his latest epistle”. Rather stupidly he put this in an e-mail to a colleague and it was forwarded to me when he finally sent me a reply. I demanded an apology and got it. He cited a “stressful day”.
Thu 31 Jul – (1645-1745) Ivan Brackenbury’s Hospital Radio Christmas Show (Pleasance)
Fri 1 Aug – Sun 3 Aug: Finally used the free Travelodge weekend that we won in the Sunday Express's Sportsword Crossword. We plumped for Dundee and visited Groucho Records (just me), Verdant Works, Sensation and RSS Discovery.
Fri 8 Aug – (1900-2200) Jackie Leven, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh - superb, went with Dave, who also enjoyed it.
Sat 9 Aug – (1245-1445) Felicity’s birthday party - I was DJ for Pass the Parcel and Musical Statutes!
Sun 10 Aug - (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Mon 11 Aug – Sick
Wed 13 Aug – Chased up BBC feedback. Informed that my feedback request hadn’t been logged - unbelievable!
Thu 14 Aug – (1900-2230) Bike the Baltic Quiz Night for Marie Curie Cancer Care - atmosphere was a bit flat to begin with and was beset by technical problems.
Fri 15 Aug – (1400-1600) Audition for “In It To Win It”, Thistle Street, Edinburgh
Sat 16 Aug – Haircut and new glasses, very Elvis Costello!
Sun 17 Aug – (1700-1900) VRN Radio Show
Mon 18 Aug – Changes to Stagecoach services between Fife and Edinburgh
Tue 19 Aug - Finally get around to reporting my Councillor to Fife Council

That's what I've been up to - never a dull moment!

Current listening pleasure:
Simon Dupree and the Big Sound - Part of my Past CD
Jackie Leven - The Wanderer CD
Vicki Carr - Tunesmith
Simon and Garfunkel - Keep The Customer Satisfied
Caroline Munro - Tar and Cement
Glen Campbell - Good Riddance (Time of your Life)
The Langley Schools Music Project - Innocence and Despair CD
The Merseys - The Cat
Etta James - Tell Mama
Ronnie Spector - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory


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well, I was wondering...

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Aha! There you are.

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Recording cutting remarks, social commentary and the general dislike of Piers fucking Morgan - http://www.piersmoron.blogspot.com

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