Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wasn't last night's telly great?

First there was a welcome repeat of "The High Life" on BBC4. It was the episode where Sebastian and Steve enter the Song for Europe competition with their lyrical masterpiece "Pif Paf Pof". "Oh, dearie me!"

This was followed by "Early Doors", which seemed to have slipped under the radar for many people. Think The Royle Family but set in a pub with Roddy Frame doing "Small World" for the theme tune. Excellent. "Crime Can't Crack Itself!"

The second series of the much talked about "Mad Men" ensued at 10. So glad it's back!

"Shameless" on Channel 4 clashed with "Mad Men" so we Sky+ it. This is followed by another comedy that everybody I work with doesn't watch, "The Big Bang Theory".

There's even a website where you can buy some of the stuff the Big Bang Theory characters wear. It's at My favourite character is Howard Wolowitz, who looks like he was in the Lovin' Spoonful. Testify!

What's on tonight? Fuckin' "Waterloo Road"! Thankfully "Damages" is back on Sunday.

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