Monday, February 23, 2009


Sadly, I was unable to do my radio show on Sunday due to a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea that Linda Blair would've been proud of. I lay the blame firmly on the KFC I had on Friday night, which woke me up at 4.30 on Sunday morning sweating like Michelle McManus in a cake shop. I didn't learn my lesson from the last KFC I had, which had the same effect. Next time, I'll have fish and chips.

Thanks to the BBC and the print media for spoiling the result of tonight's University Challenge final. By featuring high-scoring Gail Trimble, the captain of Corpus Christi, in today's papers and on the 6 o'clock news the result is rather inevitable. They didn't actually give the result out as such but I'm thinking if she'd crashed and burned in the final there wouldn't have been so much coverage. Thank you BBC for spoiling the outcome of one of my few weekly pleasures.

While I admire her intellect on academic subjects she would still struggle to get into my pub quiz team. Could she name the four Banana Splits or the England international footballer whose first four caps were under four different managers? I very much doubt it. As for her being the "thinking man's crumpet", well, she's not that good looking. Does being intelligent automatically make a woman sexy? In fact, I think she's quite plain, not ugly, just plain. She reminds me of a bespectacled Melissa Gilbert in "Little House on the Prairie". All she needs is the pigtails and the Amish get up.

We had the same hysteria in 2007 when Daisy Christodoulou led Warwick University to victory. Was she intelligent? Yes. Was she attractive? Maybe. Would we have the same press coverage if a man was so dominant? I doubt it.

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