Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 21 March 2008

This is the personalised bottle of whisky I won in a competition from The List magazine. It also have a few lines on the back that read "For services to television and radio game/quiz shows"! What the hell, if I can't blow my own trumpet then who can?

Yesterday's Dunfermline (De)Press has brought another funny story. The Council are trying to buy a house that doesn't exist from a man they can't find! You couldn't make this up.

Stagecoach have bought out Rennies to increase their monopoly in Fife. So this is what our fares "reviews" pay for.

The English Broadcasting Corporation has bought the rights to Formula 1 for an estimated price of up to £200m, yet can't find £3m for the rights to broadcast Scotland's football matches. Mind you, if we had a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation it would have just as bad, with a bias towards Glasgow.

Dunfermline Football Club have sold their old Astroturf pitch tiles on eBay. It put the idea in my head to astroturf the whole of our back garden. The grass is very damp, has poor drainage and we could spend a small fortune trying to sort it out.

I'm thinking of putting music on my Blog. Any advice from readers as to how to go about it?

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I Am Not The Beatles said...

Hallooo, Hope your Easter was full of lovely mini eggs.

Musicblogwise I don't use blogger so I have no hands on experience, but this next link makes it look tremendously straightforward for you :

It certainly seems easyish...

Beyond that, I can only really help if you ever feel like defecting to Wordpress which is what I use.

You won some whisky! Has it all gone yet ? I won a hamper a few weeks ago too, it was very exciting. I've never had a hamper before.