Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm trying out this music on the Blog malarkey!

Here's what the NME would probably call the New Wave of Power Pop.

New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed

I like Pete Yorn's first couple of albums but I feel his constant tourinng in America is turning him inot a corporate behemoth, with nothing to show for it but some great tunes and a loyal, small but perfectly formed fanbase. I love "Sense".

Pete Yorn - Sense

Okay so they used to be the Sea Urchins but Delta are/were cruelly underrated.

Delta - Low Flying


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I Am Not The Beatles said...


I have found a much nicer way for you to do music if yer interested.

If you register here :


You can upload mp's - then put a piece of code in your post which put's a player there so they can listen to it streaming live, rather than awaiting a download as per my other suggestion.

All the best,

Ian TB