Monday, April 13, 2009

The Cat on "Where The Action Is" Kirkcaldy VRN 1287AM - Sunday 12 April 2009

I recorded yesterday's show on Friday morning due to an annual family gathering in which we eat, drink and be merry.

The Knickerbockers - Lies (Challenge 1966)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)
Karen Verros - You Just Gotta Know My Mind (Dot 1965)
Tammy St. John - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me) (Pye 1966)
Claudine Clark - Party Lights (Unreleased)
The Exciters - Tell Him (United Artists 1962)
Billie Davis - Ev'ry Day (Piccadilly 1966)
The Castaways - Liar Liar (Soma 1965)
The What Four - I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy (Columbia 1964) (Connect 3)
Mark V - Baby What's Wrong (Fontana 1964) (Connect 3)
Two of Each - Colour My World (Pye 1970) (Connect 3)
The Shots - Keep A Hold Of What You Got (Columbia 1965)
The Secrets - The Boy Next Door (Philips 1963)
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (Dunhill 1968) (Birthday: 12/4/29 John Kay)
The Starlets -You Don't Love Me (Tower 1965)
The Hipster Image - Make Her Mine (Decca 1965)
Francoise Hardy - Le Temps De L'Amour (Vogue 1962) (Foreign Language)
The Leaves - Hey Joe (Mira 1966)
Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound (RCA 1961)(Half-Time Instrumental)
Kriss Anderson - He's My Boyfriend (Old Town 1965)
She Trinity - He Fought The Law (Columbia 1966)
Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl (Seville 1962)
Raylene & The Blue Angels - Shakin' All Over (Cuca 1966)
The Cryan Shames - Sugar and Spice (Destination 1966)
The Favourite Sons - That Driving Beat (Mercury 1965)
The Bangles - The Real World (Faulty 1982) (Under The Influence)
The Raindrops - The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget (Jubilee 1963)
Beverley Williams - Too Bad He's Bad (Unreleased)
Michael & The Messemgers - (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet (USA 1967)
April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger (Imperial 1959) (Connect 3)
Chris Farlowe - April Was The Month (Immediate 1969) (Connect 3)
April Young - Steady Boyfriend (Columbia 1964) (Connect 3)
The Mojo Men - Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Reprise 1967)
The Debutantes - Shake A Tail Feather (Standout 1967)
Helen Shapiro - Silly Boy (I Love You) (Pye 1969) (Two of a Kind)
Helen Shapiro - Easy Come Easy Go (EMI 1963) (Two of a Kind)
Jackie Trent - Such A Small Love (Pye 1969)
The Shirelles - I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde-Ronde) (Decca 1958)
The Soul Agents - Let's Make It Pretty Baby (Pye 1964)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)

Recorded on Friday for broadcast on Easter Sunday this show was a disaster. What can go wrong, will go wrong! New CDs players in the studio, in an unfamiliar position, threw me completely and the show was two hours of bumbling ineptitude (although that's what makes me so special!) 4/10.

Next week's show has a theme of Colours and the week after it'll be Names. The Names one will be pre-recorded this week as I'm off to see Camera Obscura and Attic Lights in Glasgow that night. The week after that will be my birthday so I may go for a Birthday/Celebration theme.


sfw said...

Why did you pinch my blog name? I guess it does not matter much, you post less frequently than me and you are not even half as interesting.

The Cat said...

Just for your information, I've been using the nom-de-plume "misery guts" since long before the Internet was around.

I note, with interest, that you decide to sneak this stupid comment on to my blog under an old entry rather a current one where my friends can see what an arrogant dickbrain you are.

Get back to your sexist cesspit of a blog you sad individual.