Sunday, April 19, 2009


I subscribe to Mojo and Web User, which fulfil all my music and geeky needs. My good lady on the other hand prefers Tatler and Vanity Fair.

While "my" magazines invariably end up on the study floor, with salient page corners marked for articles I may or may not get around to looking at, Vanity Fair and Tatler usually live in the upstairs, non en suite bathroom. (I appreciate that to some people the idea of a magazine rack in the smallest room in the house is abhorrent but I feel the same about televisions in bedrooms, so we're all even on that). Invariably during a natural break I'll pick up an issue of Vanity Fair that I didn't manage to finish an article in and make my way through it. However, the pleasure from Vanity is of a more titillating variety. While I enjoy the lengthy articles about people I probably haven't heard of in VF, what entertains me most in Tatler is the stupid names of the people featured.

In a recent issue - it may even be the current one - the list of staff, contributors and all manner of editors tickled my fancy. While both the Parker Bowles had got themselves tidy little jobs as Car and Food editor (let's face only they could afford to eat in the places reviewed or drive the cars fawned over), there's also a Features editor by the name of Ticky Hedley-Dent (sounds like a greyhound running in the 7.40 at Monmore) and Contributing editors by the names of Cressida, Luli and Dorrit, not forgetting one Bryan Adams. Surely not THE..., nah, couldn't be!

My favourite, however, is one of the four, yes count them, four Contributing fashion editors. Ladies and gentleman, I give you, Debonnaire Von Bismarck*. You just couldn't make it up!

The Cat

* Her Facebook page, which I came across after a Google search to see if this was a real person, misses out the "Von". One of her friends is David Furnish.

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