Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Cat on "Where The Action Is" Kirkcaldy VRN 1287 AM - Sunday 4 October 2009

Here's the playlist for tonight's edition of "Where The Action Is".

The Settlers - Major To Minor (Pye 1967)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)
The Small Faces - (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Immediate 1976)
Scott Walker - Jackie (Philips 1967)
Jenny Wren - Chasing My Dream All Over Town (Fontana 1964)
Peanut - Home of the Brave (Pye 1965)
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Nowhere To Run (Gordy 1965)
Pattie Lane - Paper Dreams (Polydor 1968)
The Merry-Go-Round - A Clown's No Good (A&M 1967) (Connect 3)
Jackie Lee - Lonely Clown (Columbia 1965) (Connect 3)
The Scots of St. James - Eiderdown Clown (Spot 1967) (Connect 3)
Lesley Dawson - Run For Shelter (Mercury 1967)
Arthur Alexander - Where Have You Been (London 1962)
Big Star - Daisy Glaze (Ardent 1974) (Birthday: 4/10/52 Jody Stephens, Drummer)
The Searchers - Popcorn Double Feature (Pye 1967)
Linda Kendrick - When Your Love Is Warm (Polydor 1966)
Petula Clark - Entre Nous Il Est Fou (She's A Fool) (Vogue 1963) (Foreign Language)
The Soul Survivors - Look At Me (Dot 1965)
Jimmy Smith - The Cat (Verve 1964) (Half-Time Instrumental)
Lesley Duncan - See That Guy (Mercury 1965)
The Wedgewoods - Summer Love (Pye 1965)
The Beach Boys - Darlin' (Capitol 1968) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - D)
Dennis Wilson - River Song (Caribou 1977) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - D)
Diane Lancaster - How I Need Him (Polydor 1966)
Boyce and Hart - Out and About (A&M 1967)
The BMX Bandits - Come Clean (Vinyl Japan 1991) (Under The Influence)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying (Motown 1966)
Val McKenna - Now That You've Made Up Your Mind (Piccadilly 1965)
Tracy Rogers - Baby (Polydor 1966)
Dee King - Sally Go Round the Roses (Pye 1966) (Connect 3)
Michelle - Sally Fool (Polydor 1966) (Connect 3)
The Utopias - Sally Bad (Fortune 1965) (Connect 3)
Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love (Philips 1967)
The Bystanders - Make Up Your Mind (Pye 1967)
Kiki Dee - Miracles (Fontana 1964) (Two of a Kind)
Kiki Dee - Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Tamla Motown 1970) (Two of a Kind)
The Marvelettes - I'll Keep Holding On (Tamla Motown 1965)
Lori Balmer - Four Faces West (Polydor 1968)
The Honeys - Goodnight My Love (Capitol 1969)
The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble (Decca 1967) (show theme)

If you'd like to suggest a topic for one or both of the Connect 3 features or an artist for the Two of a Kind, Foreign Language, Half-Time Instrumental or Under the Influence features then feel free.

Remember, if you're ever involved in a non-fatal accident in the Kirkcaldy area, do tune in on 1287AM or Channel 3 on the hospital headsets to "Where The Action Is", a blend of mod, soul, Motown, girl groups/singers and alternative pop from the late 50s through to the early 70s.

Feel free to leave a comment or indeed a request or two. I can't promise to play it immediately - the shows are usually done live but prepared two or three weeks in advance - but I'll endeavour to play them within a month.

The Cat

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