Wednesday, October 31, 2007


World's most expensive shuttle bus: 2 passengers (Phil and I)
Driver knowledge: Nil (Had to tell him which buttons to press on his ticket machine so I could get my 12 journey ticket. At least the ticket actually came out today!)
Ferrytoll Incidents: 1 (X57 held back for being too early, which led to...)
...Queue Jumpers: 1 (I know who you are)
Journey Home: Lift from Tricia

Drove to my mother's after work so as to avoid guisers, if I'm being honest. Can't stand them. I'm a fully paid up member of the turn off all the lights and hide club. Some turned up as I was pulling away from home. K says the joke they told was shit; not even funny in a surreal or childish way.

Returned home to find a "Chelsea Tractor" parked outside my house. I wouldn't mind but the driver wasn't even visiting us. Thank fuck next door are moving. Their friends and relations park outside our house instead of theirs, their kids do the toilet behind number 7's rubbish bins and they don't say "please" or "thank you" when they ask for their ball back after kicking over the fence for the umpteenth time that day (sometimes they don't even ask for it, they just leave it in my garden. So I do the same!) They WILL NOT be missed. Anyway, I left a note on his windscreen to the effect that they should show some consideration by parking outside the house they're actually visiting. (Not only that but they were parked on the pavement, which is illegal).

The driver's response was to stick my note back through the letterbox. Twat! I repeat, thank god they're moving.

Also received a letter today from Life Property Management who look after the ground maintenance of the local area. I sent them an e-mail with 20 questions, querying the last bill they sent us. I'm still awaiting a response. They're inviting all the local residents to a meeting to discuss various issues (I wonder if my lengthy missive triggered that) and to look at forming a residents' association. Who are they to tell us to form an Association? In principle it's a good idea but there is definitely a them and us split in the local area and I could never see it working.

After 4 months I finally received a full-ish reply from Greig Mailer of the Scottish Premier League about the fixture lists. My correspondence was instigated by the SPL deciding to start the season with the Edinburgh derby. It's one of the big games of the season but they wouldn't open the season with a Celtic-Rangers game so why the Edinburgh derby? The SPL claims that there is no bias towards any one club but the facts don't bear that out.

Anyway, rather than go over it all you can read the relevant thread on the Hibees Bounce website:

Apparently I'll be quoted in tomorrow's Dunfermline Press about the bus problems. Heaven help them if they misquote me after the Christmas lights debacle of three years ago. (I'll save that saga for another day).

It's close to midnight...


Andrew Collins said...

I think the problem with public transport, wherever you live, is that the people who make the decisions about it all drive cars, or are driven in cars. It's like vegans running an abbatoir.

Misery Guts said...
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Misery Guts said...

Steve Walker, the Operations Manager of Stagecoach in Fife, can't use buses because he gets "motion sickness"! Doesn't affect his ability to drive a car though. Oh, the irony.

Sky Clearbrook said...

Stagecoach Fife are nothing but a bunch of tossers. You're right about that 12 journey ticket - you dread asking for it because only about 25% of them know how to issue it (apparently it's £23 from Ballingry, but supposed to be £22 from Dunfermline - ask the robbing bastards for MegaRider#13 on their ticket machine).

I was delighted to find that the first day of the new timetables coincided with some time I had booked off work. My wife still had to go in to Edinburgh on Monday past and she said it was a total fucking nightmare (buses not turning up/running late etc), but it's always the same when they introduce revised times/services - I don't think they tell the drivers.

When we moved back to Dunfermline in early 2000, FirstBus were running a service between Fife and Edinburgh which really put the wind right up Stagecoach. Before long, they were forced to reduce their ticket prices and introduce more-frequent services. In the end, FirstBus gave up. Stagecoach, having seen off the competition, began reducing their services and hiking their prices again. Twats. They think they can do what the hell they like.

Anyway, I normally get the 55 which leaves the town around 0630. I believe that service hasn't been altered. I'm back at work next Friday so I'll keep an eye out for you - just in case!