Monday, January 07, 2008



I had really hoped that this year would be different and I wouldn't have to write to you so often but, here we go, the first day back at work and I have not one, not two but three complaints/queries!

1. The driver on the D7 this morning once again tried to sell me the £22 ticket instead of the Mega-8 £23 ticket. I insisted on the £23 ticket. It seems the problem we discussed before has not been resolved (14 Dec).
2. The driver then went the wrong way. After Rosyth, he turned towards Inverkeithing and insisted that this was the way he was told to go! It's supposed to go direct to the Ferrytoll.
3. The driver of the X57 didn't want to stop at the Learmonth Hotel. Again, I insisted as you had told me that all the depots had been informed that it was to stop there. He then tried to tell me that it didn't even say X57 on the bus stop. Notwithstanding the long-running problems with the numbering on stops by Edinburgh Council, I pointed out to him that it did actually say X57, right next to 57!

It's bad enough returning to work after two weeks off but I really could do without this stress before I even get to work. Please sort this out. I shouldn't have to worry about whether I'm going to get the right ticket, go the right way and get off at the right stop before I even set foot on the bus.



One day into the new working year, one bloody day, and I encounter three bus problems in one morning! I felt like screaming! The above missive was dispatched to Steve Walker, the Operations Manager. I await his reply with interest. I've got to win a car...soon...

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