Friday, January 25, 2008


Wednesday 23 January 2008

WMESB™: No problems today. I received an e-mail yesterday from Stagecoach Fife’s Operations Manager confirming, yet again, that I was correct to ask for the £23 ticket on Monday. I was tempted to inform the D7 driver this morning (the same one as Monday) but he was already running late and I didn’t want to make it worse.

Mentally, I’ve been struggling over the past few days. I’m finding it difficult to get motivated and have been rather listless. I’m sleeping on the bus, both to and from work, which I never do. There’s little work in my office just now and I’m struggling to keep myself occupied during the day.

People are constantly telling me that I’m “wasted here”. I have so much to offer but I just can’t find an employer in the media or broadcasting where I can rekindle my energies. I spend most of my time thinking about projects at home or writing ideas for the Jock n Roll website.

Friday 25 January 2008

WMESB™: Had to wait 35 minutes for a 53 or 55 at the Ferrytoll, during which time I was in agony as I was feeling rather tender in the stomach era. I received another e-mail yesterday from Stagecoach Fife’s Operations Manager and it had me reaching for the hankies:

“We are about to enter into a particularly difficult year and every passenger will be like gold dust. Unlike in England the Scottish Government have frozen Fuel Duty Rebate (a subsidy in effect for bus passengers to enable fares to be kept lower than they should) this will cost the Scottish Bus Industry millions with the rising price of fuel. To this end I think you will find that companys (sic) will be moving to a period of service cuts and larger than inflationary fares increases. It really smacks in the face of the Governments objectives to get people out of there (sic) cars when they then take so much money out of the industry!!”

I think he’s just trying to get me on side before they have another fare hike, sorry, revision and cuts in services. Deep joy.

By the way, when I finally got on the 53 and fished out my mp3 player, what do you think the first track I heard was? That's right, "I Travel" by Simple Minds!! Fast forward.

Current favourite tunes:
1. Candy Payne - A Different You
2. Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded
3. The Icicle Works - Hollow Horse
4. First Class - Beach Baby
5. Eels - Rags To Rags
6. Tammy St. John - Life and Soul of the Party
7. Julie Rogers - Long After Tonight Is Over
8. Ronnie Spector - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
9. The Flatmates - Shimmer
10. Railway Children - Brighter


JC said...

'I have so much to offer but I just can’t find an employer in the media or broadcasting where I can rekindle my energies.'

There are so many talentless, arrogant and self-important tossers in those industries that I reckon it wouldn't be too long before you were bored of things...

But in saying that, the very sentence that I cut and pasted mad me feel very sad. Folk like you, like Matthew over at Song By Toad and Colin at And Before The First Kiss should be penning all sorts of music/social commentary columns for our newspapers...

Rocola said...

19!!!!!!!!!! old x

I Am Not The Beatles said...

I currently have 'In The Meantime' by Railway Children on auto repeat.

It's lovely.