Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Between Days

Monday 16 November

In-car entertainment: The Cure – Greatest Hits

I was never a big fan of The Cure. I liked most of the singles* but was never moved to buy a complete (non-compilation) album. I almost saw them live once. I say “almost” because they were part of a double-header gig called “Rock Around the Clock”, along with my favourites Aztec Camera, at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow. It was being broadcast on BBC2. Having watched Roddy and co do their stuff my mate and I got backstage and while Robert Smith was rather grumpy Phil Thornalley of the band was cool and asked to borrow my bull’s head bootlace tie, which he wore on the poster for one of their albums (I forget which one). My mate stayed for The Cure but even though I could’ve blagged entry I decided to make sure I got my bus home. By the time I got back to Edinburgh The Cure set was on the telly. Yes, I did get my bootlace tie back and, no, I don’t still have it. I do still have the ticket stub though which I got as a member of the Aztec Camera fan club.

(*On one occasion me and a record-collecting friend found a shop with loads of copies of "Primary". We bought them all for 99p each and I sold mine eventually for £8 each)

Driving rant: why do so many drivers fail to indicate at roundabouts? Also, is it just me or is everyone using their lights on “full beam” nowadays? I’ve lost count of how many times in the last couple of months I’ve been blinded in my rear-view mirror by thoughtless individuals.

The girls were walking to school this morning when Flick told her mother than two boys were fighting over who was going to marry her! Apparently, she isn’t interested in either of them and has her eye on one of her “boyfriends” from pre-school. I better start saving for the nuptials now. Geez, they grow up fast.

I’m in the office on my own again today so I had peace during Popmaster (2 scores of 33) got through a whole load of work with very little personal or phone interruptions.

After work I performed a very personal, annual ritual that I enjoy and keeps me in touch with my non-digital childhood. I bought my 2010 diary. I’ve tried electronic organisers before but I’ve never taken to them. I like a slim, week-to-view black diary that fits easily into my coat pocket. After a few choice personal details, I add all the birthdays of my friends and family, school holidays and radio shows dates (every Sunday, with some specials for Valentine’s day, birthdays etc). I also add the football fixtures for my team and add the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of friends and family. I do some surreptitious weeding. I don’t believe in keeping someone in there “just in case”. If I haven’t heard from them in a year, then they’re out. I’m that brutal! When it comes to the Christmas card list, you get two years and then you’re bumped. I wonder if we’ll get another card from Karen and Andy this year. They’ve sent a card for the last two years but we haven’t a clue who they are.

One of our fuses blew in the house – the one from the Washing Machine – but thankfully it was between the end of University Challenge and the start of The Gadget Show. It was bizarre than half the house was dark and half was working!

Spent some of the evening putting together a Playmobil Advent calendar for the Flick. More expensive but a lot less chocolate.

Tuesday 17 November

As I got to work this morning someone just ahead of me was reversing into a space. I waited patiently and when he came to a standstill I reversed into the space beside him. I collected my bags and wandered into the reception area. As I got there I heard the person who had parked just ahead of me bemoaning to reception staff how I had shone my lights in his eyes as he was reversing. Cheeky, miserable, moaning bastard.

I certainly wasn’t “shining” my car lights in his eyes. They were on, as you would expect at 6.15 am on a November morning, and were set to normal, as opposed to the “full beam” brigade. I could’ve spoken to by Lothian and Borders finest if I hadn’t had them on. I’ve never encountered this individual before although I know of him and he is a bit of a Victor Meldrew type who is happy to complain for the sake of complaining. Lucky for him he didn’t complain to my face or he would have experienced a verbal volley that would’ve made Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous “hairdryer” seem like one of those toy fans. Mouldy old c*nt.

Did more exam marking this morning and encountered more individuals who can’t do basic maths. I really do wonder how it is being taught in schools. Mathematics and Arithmetic were my strong points at school and with an Accountant for a mother (admittedly one who can’t work out the simplest darts checkout), Flick should be okay when it comes to “sums”.

Didn’t enjoy my gym session today. A combination of tiredness and over-exertion to make up for it left me even more exhausted and I had to stop. A lesson learned – don’t over-do it.

Over the weekend, while watching a rain-soaked football match, Felicity asked why the players didn't put their hoods up! Good point.

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