Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moody Tuesday

Tuesday 10 November

For much of the journey home last night I trailed behind a light blue Fiat Punto (W971OFB) that had a wobbly back left wheel. I haven’t seen such a wobbly tyre since I watched the last Kerry Katona fitness DVD. I kept well back.

Flick’s weekly forgetfulness began with a scarf and one glove! She’d forget her own head…blah blah blah…you know the rest.

I performed a lot better on University Challenge last night than I normally do. Okay, I wasn’t so much “on” University Challenge as shouting-at-the-television-while-University-Challenge-was-on. I was particularly pleased to get all of the countries of the three African Champions League football teams. Kick on.

Also watched The Gadget Show, which always has an amazing prize list. So much so that Harry Hill took the mickey out of it on his TV Burp. Forget the £90million Euromillions jackpot, I’d settle for the Gadget Show bumper prize hamper any day. Okay, most days. Well, on a Monday night.

Did some more work on my HBA entries before bedtime and investigated my “slip” from Sunday. Thankfully the faux pas is barely audible and you would only really know what I said if I told you the word and where it was on the recording. Phew! Okay so it was hardly in the Ross-Brand league but it was enough of a worry for me to confess all to the chairman. Honesty is, almost always, the best policy.

Work came and went today. Busy enough not to get bored but ultimately unsatisfying.

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