Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When Is A Right Turn Not a Right Turn?

Wednesday 11 November

I finally finished my two entries for the Hospital Broadcasting Association awards. All I can do now is wait. Now I can concentrate on putting together my four Christmas shows. Last year I did a fifth show, on Christmas Eve, which was a countdown of my Top 30 Christmas records of all time. I might try and rope my mate Dave in to assist me on that one. I’m actually working on Christmas Eve so I may have to record it. I thought it was great that so many people volunteered to do shows on Christmas Eve last year only to then find out that they all recorded them except for me! I remember last year because I had to pull over on the way to the show because I was going to be on Radio Scotland, talking about working over Christmas (i.e. hospital radio) and Christmas music in general. I managed to combine both topics on air.

Today’s #baddriver was a cracker. At approximately 0605 this morning, while driving into Edinburgh from Fife, a red Subaru Forester T755NGA in front of me turned RIGHT on to Craigcrook Road, which is clearly marked as a No Right Turn from Queensferry Road, at the busy junction with Quality Street. Luckily there were no vehicles coming the other way.

Apparently there would be little point in reporting this idiot unless I have two witnesses (including me). It is also unlikely that cameras would cover that junction, except for “traffic flow”. C’est la vie.

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