Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thursday 7 February 2008

WMESB™: A big queue at the Ferrytoll meant only one thing – the 55 was late. Thankfully the X57 and X54 turned up first and everyone in front of me, bar a dithering couple, got on them. I pounced and walked all the way round to the 55, which snuck in behind the first two.

It was back to work today after two days of flu-like symptoms. I was floored but I slept it off and am back fighting fit. Well, as fit as I ever was.

Last night’s video tape de-cluttering went very well. While watching England beat the Swiss I had hundreds of blank videos spread out on the living room floor. The video sleeves were removed and recycled whilst the videos themselves will be taken to the local recycling place. A job well done methinks. I saved about a dozen tapes but otherwise I was ruthless. I’ve no doubt that I’ll have thrown out some wee gems but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. We needed the space. If I had the time or the technology I’d have gone through them and saved stuff of interest but I haven’t. So there.

I got a lift home tonight and during the journey I spotted the Head of Finance on his mobile phone when we overtook him. A wind up e-mail tomorrow methinks. Actually, I spotted a number of people doing likewise tonight. I took the old videos, and an old telly, to the recycling centre. On the way there a woman behind me at the top of Linburn Road was blethering away on her phone. I wagged my finger at her but then I got so distracted I stalled! Then on the way home I was tailgated all the way up Halbeath Road by another twat on his phone. Knob.

(After stopping off at Tesco for some messages (that's Scots for "shopping") and the Dunfermline(De)Press, I then had to return when I realised that I had somehow managed to lose the GKLW's deodorant!)

Reluctantly I sat through "Waterloo Road", one of the GLW's favourites, so I could (a) finish my tea (pasta and coronation chicken - yummy!) and (b) sit back and enjoy the return of Gene Hunt. "Ashes To Ashes" certainly didn't disappoint and I was great looking for cultural references from my own youth for a change. Tab, Sony Walkman, Adam and the Ants; all there and more. Roll on next week.

Fire up the Quattro!!

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