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Friday 8 February 2008

WMESB™: Thanks to a late D7, driven by an ex-Yellow Taxibus driver, I missed the 55, which was also running late. I ran for it but it went. I decided I couldn’t be arsed waiting for the next one or the 53 so I got on the X57. The driver, who I had crossed swords with before, made a point of reminding me that it doesn’t stop at the Learmonth Hotel. I heard him but I ignored him. I took my seat behind him by which time he’d got of his seat to repeat what he’d said. “Yeah, I know”, I said firmly as I continued unravelling my mp3 headphones.

Little does he know that the only reason it doesn’t stop there is because I withdrew my request for it to do so. I could’ve been selfish and got it to stop there but realistically it would only have been for me. For the benefit of others, I declined the opportunity to have my own stop. I could’ve explained this to this driver but I suspect that he’d have been too stupid to understand and that, more than likely, I would’ve made some witty retort that would’ve got me thrown on the bus.

It seems that the Operations Manager from Stagecoach tried to call me at work when I was off and no one bothered to pass on the message! He called back to tell me that the D3/D4 will be changing route to accommodate the new Health Centre on Linburn Road as well as other new houses. As a result, they won’t come within 100 yards of the Masterton Roundabout. I don’t get the D3/D4 often enough now to complain about walking a few more yards but I suspect some people, those most in need of exercise, will whinge about it. He was telling me that he does, from time to time, take a bus out, which surprised me because he once said that he couldn’t travel by bus because he gets motion sickness! He even told me that he drives his car to Tesco, which is literally the other side of the roundabout from where he lives. Unbelievable. He also said that he parks as close to the front door as possible, including, if necessary, the hatched area you’re not supposed to park on. He’s no better than a murderer – bring back hanging! I may drive the short walk to Tesco but at least I park at the far end so I have a decent walk to the front door.

This week's Dunfermline (De) Press isn't as "interesting" as last week's although the Fife Free Press has a small item about a couple sentenced to probabtion for committing incest. Mind you it was only a sister and half-brother so I suppose it's only half incest.


Banks 'cancel good payers' cards'
Eggs acts over 'risky' customers

Once again money lenders are moving the goalposts. The campaign against high bank charges has galvanised them to find other ways of making money out of customers, which is all they seem to care about. Lenders don't seem to realise the knock-on effect towards their other products. Is someone who has had their Egg card cancelled going to use that company or their affiliates again? No. In the long run the lenders will lose custom. Customers have never been more savvy about their finances.

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