Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sunday 3 February 2008

Another two days off and I don't seem to achieved much. Sure, all the recycling's done and the comps and crosswords were completed in record time but I don't feel much has been done. There's always next weekend.

No sooner had I posted my Five Things I Hate and Will Never Like list and who should pop up on the telly but Lisa Scott-Lee. Is it just me or is she the most desperate despicable kind of minor celebrity imaginable.

Apparently the production assistants for "Duel" were phoning prospective victims, sorry, contestants on Friday for this Tuesday's Edinburgh audition. As I haven't heard anything I'll assume I've not been picked. I'm disappointed but it's not the first rejection and I don't suppose it'll be the last. Saturday's edition of "Duel" wasn't exactly great telly, with not one penny won by any contestant. "In It To Win It" wasn't much better with only £30,000 in the cash fund at the end, which, for you stat fans is the joint second lowest ever. One consolation for the Beeb was that they won the ratings war. Okay, technically they weren't in direct opposition but "In It To Win It" was the second most watched show of the night with 7.7 million, a 34% share, whilst "Duel" floundered with 12% and only 2.8 million watchers.

I believe there will be a slight change in the format next week with winners now being forced to stay on until they either lose or win the jackpot. (Currently, after two wins they can opt to take 10% of the jackpot or £10,000 (depending on which chip they choose) or go on. So far afer three shows the two contestants who have had the option have taken the money and ran). Sadly, I'm not sure that'll make much difference.

The dumbing down of the British quiz show means there will be more shows like this where contestants will appear to be thicker and thicker and the viewers, like me, will get angrier and angrier and, ultimately, switch off. I actually think "Duel" is one of those shows where a better level of quizzer would add to the battle.

During one of the breaks on "Duel" there was an advert for a Renault Twingo. Is that not the most stupid name for a car you can ever imagine? It sounds like it should be covered in chocolate with a light wafer filling. "Oh, I'm off to the Bingo in my Renault Twingo"..."I've run over a Dingo in my Renault Twingo"

Random thoughts:

(a) Just how do you decide you want to be a pole vaulter?
(b) Scottish Rugby, why?
(c) The Five ThirtyShow is a load of pish. Discuss.

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JC said...

(c) Scottish Television is a lot of pish that's why. But watch the weather-boy become a cult...

(b) Cos we need something to laugh at when all it goes tits-up (see also Andrew Murray)

(a) now that is one of the great philosophical questions of all time. Maybe they will ask it on Duel next weekend.