Thursday, January 01, 2009


I surprised myself by staying up for the bells. Mrs Cat and I played some games on the Wii (Tennis and Super Mario Karts) and then called it a day.

I've been spending the last few hours tidying out my study. I've been making lists of things to I have to do, things I need to do, things I should do and things I'll probably never get round to (which is made up of the first three lists). There's also the "From" and "To" list of who I'm due to get mail from and who I need to contact. I've already e-mailed Lego about a missing piece on the Flickster's Lego set she got for Christmas. The piece's absence doesn't make much difference but it's the principle. It's so important to maintain standards, don't you think?

I'm actually sitting with three different "Things To Do" lists in front of me and I'm trying to amalgamate them! A man's work is never done.

All this is being done to the soundtrack of John Leyton. Santa brought me his 60-track 2 CD Anthology. He's a very underrated crooner and a one-time collaborator with Joe Meek. I also got a Joe Meek Instrumentals CD too and books on Suzi Quatro and Alex "Hurricane" Higgins. I also got a USB Turntable so I can digitise some of my vinyl (i.e. the stuff I can't download for nothing!)

Most of the last couple has been spent trying to do the NME Christmas Quiz. I'm down to the last six:

April 15: LA's mayor officially declares April 15 to be what? (I've even e-mailed the Mayor's office!)

April 25: Dave Sitek heads up the NME Future 50. Where in Canada did he later refuse to be interviewed by NME? (Someone has suggested Toronto but I can't verify it anywhere)

July 12: What country did Richard Ashcroft give a shout-out to during The Verve's set at T in the Park? (Someone suggested Sweden but I can't back that up)

November 15: Razorlight play Brixton Academy. What's Johnny Borrell's pet name for his penis? (Simba?)

December 26: Christmas sales start. What’s the second-highest selling album of all time?**

December 27: And the third highest?**

(**I've asked NME for clarification as to whether they mean UK or World sales but they haven't replied yet. The answer is straightforward if it's the UK but if it's World then there are a number of varying answers, depending on which site you look at). The quiz closes on January 5. The prize is an Xbox and some games.

I'm hoping my first gig of the year will be Attic Lights at the ABC in Glasgow on Saturday 17th January playing the Showshine Showcase with Norman Blake (accompanied by Ex-Gorky's Euro Childs) and the BMX Bandits. I'm gutted because Jackie Leven is also playing Glasgow the same night, this time at Oran Mor. Both gigs are part of the Celtic Connections festival.

In 2008 I never went to the cinema once but there are four films I'm looking forward to seeing this year, whether it be "Live" or on DVD:

(1) The Boat That Rocked - Here's a link to the trailer. Yeah, it may be a "British" film but I'm more interested in the subject matter.

(2) Salute - Yeah I know it came out in 2008 but I haven't seen it yet. I actually cried when I read about Peter Norman on the BBC website.

(3) Telstar - Again, for the subject matter because Joe Meek was a brilliant, if a little unstable (not unlike myself, he says modestly).

(4) Milk - Having read "The Mayor of Castro Street" many years ago, I'm keen to see the film. Benny Profane referred to Dan White, as well as the San Ysidro McDonalds murders, in "Beam Me Up" - now there's a band I miss!

My TV highlights over the festive season were The Royle Family, the Shooting Stars documentary and Top Gear's Vietnam Special. The most annoying programme, rather ironically, was BBC3's Most Annoying People of 2008 (there was nothing else on, honest). Now I know it's all rather subjective but for Agyness Deyn to be number 1 is a piece of nonsense. No, it's a piece of nonsense, wrapped in a turd, dropped in a cow pat. Ask your average Joe/Josephine Bloggs in the street who she is and they wouldn't have a clue (or they would think you were talking about Angus Deyton). Now, Jodie Marsh, there's a nippy, ugly, fake, sad fuck of a human being. (Sorry, I apologise for the use of the word "Human" in relation to her). Heather Mills should have walked it, or hopped it.

Ma tea's oot...


office pest said...

Hello MG and a Happy New Year to you.
I am intrigued by the April 15th Q, and looked on Wikipedia to see what it could be. I wonder if it is Jackie Robinson Day? not really a music answer though.

Unless it is Scotland beating England 3-2 ha ha.

Pleased you got some Joe Meek, what's the set called? Do you know when the film is due out?

Finally, a question if you don't mind about your USB turntable. I've been thinking about getting one of these and I wondered what make you have got and how you rate it? I guess the quality of the turntable and pickup is just as important as a trad. record deck, along with the conversion software, so I'd be pleased to hear your views.

The other half's Scottish family were over last night and we had a great time, as ever. BBC 1 Scotland showed some good sketch shows leading up to midnight.

Anyway, take care in 2009.

Misery Guts said...

I've not seen a release date for Telstar yet but there were screenings for those and such as those in December so I imagine about March.

The Instrumentals CD is called "Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen and Spooks - The Very Best of Joe Meek's Instrumentals" and it's fabulous. Joe's birthday falls on the day of one of my radio shows so I'll be doing a Joe Meek special then. I'm not sure that there's anymore Joe Meek I need as I have most of it!

With regard to the USB turntable, I haven't even opened the box yet. I got it as a present. I already have the ION USB tape deck, which I got from I've used it loads (I have boxes of bootlegs in the garage). When I get the new one up and running I'll let you know how it is. I only really want to digitise what I can't get from Soulseek, which, if you don't know it, I highly recommend for those elusive tracks.

Hapy New Year to you and yours and all the best for 2009.

office pest said...

Thanks for the info, hope the USB turntable is up to par, look forward to hearing. I shall get hold of the Joe Meek CD. All the best.