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Wednesday 21 November 2007

WMESB™: 1 passenger, which was obviously moi. How can a bus with one passenger be running late? It was 7/8 minutes late at my bus stop and a similar amount when I got to the Ferrytoll. I had to run for the X57 parked ahead of the D7.

In line with No Music Day, I didn’t bother with my mp3 player on the bus. I managed to get a seat behind the driver, which is far enough away from the other passengers so that I don’t have to put up with their inane chitchat. I spent the entire journey looking out of the window at the people in their cosy little cars, with more than a hint of jealousy. I’d spent ten minutes at the bus stop in the wind and rain (no bus shelter) wondering in a rather self-pitying manner why, at the age of 40, I’m still spending so much of my life at bus stops, freezing my bollocks off. I traipsed into work cold and depressed.

I got a lift home to the Ferrytoll after work yesterday and just made the 1630 D7, only to be charged a whopping £1.70 for a 16-minute journey. For a similarly timed journey on the D3/D4 into James Street, it’s only £1.15! My friend and colleague Tricia is back from holiday so hopefully I can get a regular lift home. She drives like a demon so we normally get home quick smart. She says she only gives me a lift because she needs ballast in the car, one of those flat grey Smart cars.

The only interesting piece of mail I got when I got home was my fortnightly copy of Web User one of only two magazines I subscribe to; the other being Mojo. What I like about Web User is the amount of useful tips in each issue. Some issues are better than others but for the most part I always find some useful computer tip. Their website forums are also a great help. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been helped on there.

Dave, my Jocknroll website cohort, phoned me last night from Newport Pagnall (no, he hadn’t lost his bag). He said one of his colleagues had heard me on Radio Scotland promoting the website and is now a fan because he thought I was hilarious. The comment about people who weren’t into music liking Texas, in the same way that people who don’t like sport watch rugby union went down especially well and had the listener in bits. I was blushing on the phone. Just before Dave phoned I got an e-mail from David Wells, who runs Neon Tetra records, the Scottish record company whose roster of acts was promoted on the “Independent and Free” CD that I mentioned a few blogs ago. We swapped mutual appreciation. He thanked us for plugging the label and CD on our site and I thanked him for such a bloody good compilation. It’s been one of five CDs on constant rotation since the weekend. My favourite tracks are the “Honest Injun” by Green Peppers (featuring Del Amitri’s Justin Currie on guest vocals) and the Daniel Wylie one, whose title escapes me for the moment (Stop Press: "Define Love").

The telly was pretty rubbish last night. I watched a Storyville documentary on BBC4 about a company in India called “Office Tiger”, who I would just hate to work for. 18-hour days, I don’t think so. And we’re not talking about downtrodden sweatshop call centre workers (although it is a call centre of sorts); these people WANT to work these hours for this company. No mention was made of the sorts of salaries the workers were paid. The head honcho (pictured, right) was an American whose every pronouncement was full of management speak. He’d shake hands and say hello to everybody although he had a habit of getting their names wrong. He was also obsessed that everyone should wear a tie so as to give off a professional image. I just thought he looked like a Scientologist and therefore a bit of a twat. It was shown as part of the 10th anniversary of the Storyville documentaries, which I enjoy. There was another one on after “Office Tiger” about the dotcom boom (called "" and I was keen to watch it but I taped it because it was finishing at 0045, well past my bedtime.

I e-mailed the chairman of one of the other local residents’ associations to see what problems, if any, he has encountered with his factors. Ours, as has been previously discussed, are idiots. The meeting with them is at 7pm at the new Leisure Centre and I’m not looking forward to it. I can see it either being a washout in terms of attendance or an absolute rabble, especially if certain local residents attend.

I watched England’s dismal performance against Croatia. As a goalkeeper of sorts (I retired while I was at the bottom), I feel sorry for Scott Carson. It’s unfortunate that his mistake will overshadow the shoddy performance of so many others. The only player who came out of the first half with any merit was the much-maligned Peter Crouch. He did his job well but no one was coming from midfield for the knockdowns. I thought the state of the pitch was shocking too and I can’t believe they allowed an American Football match to be played on it so close to a vital match. No doubt it was all down to money.

Thursday 22 November 2007

Last night, after the football and before going to bed, I did one last check of my e-mails and I was rather irked to see that there were two anonymous comments on my Blog and they were both very negative.

Under normal circumstances I would gladly fight for someone’s right to express their own opinion in our democratic society. But when the comments made are done anonymously by Keyboard Cowards™ then that right, as far as I am concerned, goes out the window. If you think my Blog is “a pile of wank” then fine but don’t make that comment hiding behind the “anonymous” moniker. Making comments in this way says more about you than me.

I could handle it if you said my Blog was maybe dull, after all it is meant to reflect my mundane existence and the shit I have to face day in, day out; the stupid people, my life-sucking job and the occasional moment of joy. It’s not Pulitzer Prize winning stuff and it’s not meant to be. I wish I could write as well as the likes of Andrew Collins or Charlie Brooker but I can’t. They get paid for their writings and deservedly so. I don’t and therefore I won’t tolerate abuse of my blog or me as a person.

I never thought I would get many comments on my Blog as it was only ever intended as a “release” - a way of unclogging my mind of all the frustrations that weigh me down and prevent me from getting some sort of focus. I thank those who have taken the time to post a comment because it really is appreciated.

I won’t let these sad small-minded individuals (although I suspect the two comments were made by the same person) get me down. I’ve now stopped anonymous posts and switched the Comment Moderation on. It’s a shame I had to do that. Onwards and upwards.

I had my annual review at work today. It doesn’t really affect my salary but I go along with it although I’m not really a fan of the system because it just seems like paperwork for paperwork's sake. All the behavioural and/or technical competencies for my job are the same as they were last year, although once again I’ve exceeded my competency in “Creativity and Innovation” and “Office Technology”. It’s no coincidence that these are really the only two areas of my job that I enjoy.

I’ve been job-hunting on and off for the last 6 months. I’ve trying to get a job that matches my admin experience with an interesting post in an interesting environment. The thought of working in a financial institution or a call centre fills me with dread. One post I’ve applied for recently is as the Championship Entries Co-ordinator for the Open, yes the major golf tournament. It pays more than what I am on and it’s based in St. Andrews, a scenic drive north. What concerns me is that I’ve applied for the post through and whenever I’ve applied for a job through them or I’ve never heard anything back. No acknowledgment, no rejection letter, no e-mail, nothing! This worries me as I really want this post as it looks and sounds very interesting. It’s a job that I could really utilise my strengths. Fingers crossed.

The LPM meeting was so dispiriting that I don’t even want to talk about it. Total shysters. Property Management equals licence to print money.

Watched "" after the meeting and realised I'd seen it before but I watched it nevertheless enjoyed it. I was amazed at how easy it seemed to be for them to raise $60m and the whole thing was over in about 18 months!

Friday 23 November 2007

WMESB™: 1 passenger.

An otherwise dull and uneventful day. I got three buses home from work and was cold, tired and very depressed by the time when I set foot in my house. I spent the rest of the evening updating the Jock'n'Roll website, answering e-mails and doing competitions. Oh, I forgot to mention that I won a £15 Waterstone’s voucher in this week’s Fife Free Press. It was for the crossword, which always seems to have very familiar clues. No matter, I’ve won and that’s all that counts.
I need a drink.

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