Saturday, November 03, 2007


Today was International Ditherers' Day at Tesco as I struggled round the aisles whilst trying to get just a few paltry items. My primary reason for going was actually to get a Dunfermline Press (or the Depress as I prefer to call it) but I ended up with a list, although I did stick to it so as not to give Mr tesco anymore money than was absolutely necessary. Remarkably they didn't have a Press; who'd have thought it was so popular. After getting some stamps (for competitions; all my complaints/corrections tend to go by e-mail) and three Lucky Dips for tonight's Lotto (we only buy tickets for the rollovers), I headed off in search of a Press elsewhere.

A quick trip to the wee shop off Mackay Drive proved fruitless. I say fruitless, they had fruit, I just didn't want any. I ended going to Abbeyview (some cruel locals prefix it with a "Sc") and I eventually got my weekly dose of abject misery and non-stories. Having had a quick look at the paper online I knew I was quoted in the article on the bus issue but I had hoped my letter would've made the letters page too. Sadly not.

There were five, yes, five letters about the bridge/tunnel argument, two about Dunfermline FC (they lost again today, 4-0 at home), and one each about conservation, the Reform Treaty, waste disposal and a letter from our MP Willie Rennie trying to contact a constituent who'd failed to leave their name when they contacted him for help.

Although the piece about the buses was quite big, I was surprised and a little disappointed that none of the "number of complaints received by the Dunfermline Press" didn't actually make it to the letters page. There's a decent main piece ("Bus Changes Row Goes To Holyrood") but no letters. In fact I can't recall seeing any letters on the subject over the past few weeks. Maybe I'm the only one whose actually written anything and as the Press aren't my biggest fans it's not surprising I didn't make the final cut.

Mind you, it's hardly surprising that the bus story only made page seven when there's a cracking story on the front page. The title "Board approved lap-dancing club without knowing it" says it all although I can't help thinking a junior reporter at The Sun could've done something more "interesting" with the headline. Answers on a postcard... Credit where credits due though as the Press did "break" a great story in March this year entitled "Gone With The Wind" and, yes, they guy pictured does look like that in real life. Or maybe he just pulls that face when he's "dropping his handbag"!

Talking of Willie Rennie MP, which we were a number of sentences ago, I got an acknowledgement letter from him today: "Thank you for your e-mail regarding the change in the route of the X57 service. I have received a number of complaints about this and am due to meet Stagecoach in the near future to discuss it. I will let you know the outcome of the meeting." I won't hold my breath for anything to change. Stagecoach and Fife Council are thick as thieves and nothing we, the passengers/council tax payers, say will make any difference.

Tried using the Tape2PC today but I can't help thinking I must be rather stupid. There's seems to be a crackling noise coming from the computer speakers when I use the EZ Tape Converter MixMeister software. Also, I taped two audio rounds for the quiz night I'm doing in a couple of weeks but when I went to play them on iTunes, which you have to download to make use of the tapes you convert to mp3, the tracks wouldn't play. I must be doing something wrong and I've no idea what. (Update: I've just tried it and it's worked!)

A wee "hi" to Andrew Collins and Sky Clearwater (I doubt it's his real name but in these times of Chardonnays, Britneys and Sharondas who am I to question it) for their Comments on my blog during my first week here. It's much appreciated and makes it all worthwhile.

I was about to say how much I hate this time of the year. Okay, not so much the months of November but the BLOODY FIREWORKS that seem to go on forever. I hate the noise and I just think they're soooooo boring. When you've seen one firework, you've seen 'em all. And just to add insult to injury, one of my neighbours has just started letting some off, no doubt "for the kids", or kid in their case and a nippy, screeching one at that. 10pm at night and they decide to start letting fireworks off - it's been dark since about 6pm, what was wrong with doing them earlier so that all the local kids could see and hear them and not when they should all be in their bed. What annoys me even more is that the parents concerned are both ex-cops and should know better.

Am I the only person in the world who goes through his Windows Media player/iTunes/default music player of choice and ensure that all the titles are spelt correclty, that all the titles are in Upper Case and the duplicates are weeded out? Thought not. Whilst spring cleaning my iTunes I found some crackin' northern soul tracks and that's just the titles. How about "Everybody's Going To A Love-In", "(I'm Not) Destined To Become A Loser" and my favourite "Your Love Hit Me Like TNT".

On that bombshell...


Sky Clearbrook said...

You're right, Sky ClearBROOK isn't my real name - I nicked it from the brilliant Liza Tarbuck. It was a character she used to play occasionally on The Big Breakfast (bearded, new age woman). If I see you on the bus, I will reveal my true identity.

I'm with you on the Windows Media Player thing. It seems that those who submit album titles and track names to these online databases have low/no standards.

That Thirsty Kirsty's article was quite simply the best thing I have ever read in the D.Press. The look on the guy's face was just classic. I blogged about it here a few months ago.

Misery Guts said...

I actually saw Stewart Laidlaw in Edinburgh Bus Station a couple of months ago and he looks EXACTLY like the Press picture: pontoon eye, one's sticking, the other one's twisting.

I tidy up my own tracklist but I'd never submit them to a database. Before you know it you're handing over your first born and selling all your possessions.

You'll only see me on the dead D7 (I'll be the one with the smaller breasts) or the X57/55 around 0700. I'll have a face longer than Leith Walk and a queue jumper in a half nelson.