Monday, November 26, 2007


Sunday 25 November 2007

The plan was to spend the day at my brother-in-law’s but when I woke up I just didn’t feel like being sociable. The GLW and the Flickster left me to it. As it turned out, I got a lot of stuff done. After my lie-in, I got the Sunday papers, read them and cut out the competitions and crosswords, washed the windows, hovered, ironed my shirts for work, completed the comps/crosswords, watched the World Cup draw online, did all the dishes (twice), did the recycling, emptied the bins in the kitchen and study, make a sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch and even fitted in some quality pottering and “doing stuff”.

The only thing I didn’t manage to do was refresh my mp3 player. I’ve had the same 130+ tracks for a few months now and it needs a radical shake up. I don’t want to sicken myself of songs I love. I had a crazy notion to put every single Smiths song on it but then I realised that most of them are on vinyl. So until I get a USB turntable I’ll need to make do with another compilation – a veritable cornucopia of classic cuts of consummate coo, or something.

Monday 26 November 2007

WMESB™: Yes, you’ve guessed it, 1!
Driver: They’ve got new ticket machines on the buses and the driver claimed he couldn’t sell me a Single to Edinburgh! He suggested I take a seat and get it at the Ferrytoll. About a hundred yards from the Ferrytoll he shouted that he’d found it!! £5.70 for a bloody single to Edinburgh! A 12-journey Megarider is only £23.

Work was uneventful. Thankfully, I’m got a lift home and the quiz double bill of Mastermind and University Challenge has been restored.

I’m off to see The Orchids in Glasgow’s Cottier Theatre on Wednesday night. It’s a free gig, my favourite kind, and it’s the first time I’ll have driven cross-country to a gig. My only concern is the traffic because Celtic are playing at home in a Champions League game. However, most of the band are Celtic fans so I don’t imagine they’ll be playing until after the game has finished. I’ll probably be going on my own but I’ve asked John, a guy I’ve met at various gigs over the years, if he wants to come. He stays near me so it won’t be a complicated pickup. I've been to plenty of gigs on my own over the years but it'd be nice to go through with someone.

Forth One cocked up their Just The Job competition today and I told the presenter so. The first contestant got a question wrong and the other guy was declared the winner without having to get one of his own right. Even in football penalty shoot-outs the other tea is given the opportunity to score or miss after the first team has missed. This is what happens when non-quiz people write/present quizzes. I did offer my services to them but then decided that they couldn’t afford me. The presenter, who shall remain nameless, said it was the “world’s most confusing quiz”. It wasn’t, certainly not compared with the “darts” one that BBC6 Music had on Nemone’s show. Now that one was a crock of shit.

Some good news this afternoon as I’ve been accepted for “Brainbox”, a show I auditioned for in Glasgow a few weeks ago. I got a call from BBC Manchester and I’ll need to take a couple of days off in mid-December. Luckily the show won’t clash with my Christmas night out, which is the day after. I’m already getting nervous about it and it isn’t for three weeks! Mind you, I always get this way. I think you can win £5000 a day for a maximum of three days and, needless to say, I’d be happy with one £5k win. Oh, and I’ll need a new quiz show shirt too! Although my experience shows that it shouldn't have small checks, big checks, black, white red (it "bleeds" on screen) or logos. Where's my wardrobe assistant?


I Am Not The Beatles said...


Just popped over from a link at Andrew Collins and am enjoying yer blog.

Did you wash your windows whilst also hovering? If so, could you pop round and do my upstairs ones too - they're filthy...


Beth said...

You don't have a special 'lucky shirt' then?

Misery Guts said...

I Am Not The Beatles:

Proofcheckers are always the worst at sorting their own stuff. Yes, I did hover but I soon came back down to earth with a bump.


I don't really have a "lucky shirt" because I've only ever won two TV shows - I've been second so many times! There are loads of restrictions on what colours you can wear that it's best to take one's entire wardrobe down. I prefer to wear a shirt I'm comfortable in and one that hides the paunch/12 pack. Expect to see me in pink buttless leather chaps and lederhosen!

Andrew Collins said...

When my family were on Telly Addicts in 1990, I wore a black NME t-shirt for the semi finals (our third appearance). The producer told me I couldn't wear it, as it was advertising the NME. I told him I'd advertised Telly Addicts plenty in my column in the NME and a treaty was reached. Noel Edmunds looked at it and said, "Oh, is that still going?" which I now appreciate to be a brilliantly withering putdown.

Whatever shirt you choose, you will look back on it in 17 years and groan. I certainly do when I see my colourful "Madchester"-style hooded tops on Telly Addicts.

Not that I watch the tapes that often, honest.

I hope you win.

Misery Guts said...

I was forbidden from wearing a Beatles shirt on one show (Sudo-Q)because it was deemed to be advertising!

I wore a Popguns t-shirt on my first ever show ("Fifteen To One") in 1991 and the night it went out John Peel started his show with a Popguns record, dedicated to me, because he'd seen me! As a winner I got to return and wore a Sultans of Ping t-shirt on the second appearance, mainly because I hadn't ironed my Sarah Records one!

I've also heard on the grapevine that a practically-professional quizzer hasn't been picked for "Brainbox" and boy am I glad. He's shit hot on the buzzer and good at Maths. Apparently, he's so pissed off he's going to write to the producer to complain, which, in my opinion, will do him no favours. I've seen him on other shows and he doesn't help himself by being so cocky and arrogant.

Beth said...

I like the casual way you say "I've only ever won two TV shows"!

(But to have been spotted by John Peel - that must give you a warm glow?)