Friday, November 02, 2007


World's Most Expensive Shuttle Bus: 2 passengers (Just me and another woman I haven't seen before. That's 2 a day for the last 4 days. According to Councillor Tony Martin, use of the D7 has gone up 10% in the last 6 months. At this rate, the average will be 2.2 passengers by April 2008. You'll be able to spot the new passenger because he'll be only be one foot tall!)
Driver Knowledge: N/A
Ferrytoll Incidents: 0 (The roads were clear)
Queue Jumpers: 2 (Well, they tried anyway but I was having none of it. Two people saw a queue leaving the Park and Ride and joined it, only to realise it wasn't the bus they wanted. Did they then join the main queue? Did they hell. They did that furtive loitering that queue jumpers do so well . Only I wasn't having it. As soon as the X57 came into view I was off like a racing snake. I walked straight past them and made sure I was first on. After all I had been at the front of the queue. I was waiting for either of them to say something - they'd have got both barrels - but they didn't. The fight that never was played out in my mind for the rest of the journey).
Journey Home: Bus to West End, walk to station (during which I saw six cyclists go through red lights), train from Haymarket (busy but I got a table seat although anyone over six feet tall would struggle to be comfortable) and a lift home from K.
Media Mentions: Nil (The whole office tried to get on The Word Is Out on Forth One but we failed. Grant Stott only picks three callers and that's it. The prize is now £4200 on Monday).

I received another e-mail from the Fife councillor Tony Martin, who is head of the transportation committee, and it was as pitifully sycophantic as the previous one. Piss off, I didn't vote for you and I never will. He sounds more and more of a Stagecoach apologist every e-mail. And he doesn't know what a paragraph is.

Isn't irony a wonderful thing? Today I e-mailed Steve Walker, the Stagecoach equivalent of Martin Bormann and the man I've having my bus battles with lately, on a non-bus related matter. Life Property Management, the "factors" of our respective areas are, as mentioned yesterday, wishing to hold a meeting for local residents. Steve lives a couple of streets away so I asked if he'd be going to the meeting and if I could copy him into correspondence I was sending to LPM. Sure, he says. I suggested to LPM that it would be preferable if they replied to my letter of two weeks BEFORE the meeting. I've also copied in Mike Rumney, the Labour councillor for my Ward (Ward 4 has four councillors; two Lib Dem, including Mr Martin, one SNP and Mr Rumney) and the Dunfermline Press.

Kirsty's team were joint winners of the quiz last night so I let her in the house. Actually I had no choice as I was dead to the world by the time she staggered in, having completed all but three of the clues of the Mojo crossword. which is good going for me.

Mark, my Sudo-Q partner, is looking for some people to put together a team for "The Kids Are Alright", a new Saturday megamoney quiz from the BBC. It seems that it's put together by a Glasgow production team so travelling to an audition wouldn't be a problem. I've asked "hels bels" from the Quizzing forums for a copy of the form, which apparently resembles War and Peace. Can't be any worse than the form for "Nothing But The Truth" which wanted a picture of every orifice. Okay, I made that up but I felt dirty and violated just reading it.

I've not had a chance to try out my new Tape2PC digitizer yet. That's not strictly true as I did have a wee go on it but it was late and I was knackered. I've set tomorrow aside to finish doing the quiz for Kirsty's work but once that's done I get into full digitizing mode. I can't wait to have an mp3 player full of stuff I could only previously hear on tape. One Thousand Violins Peel Session anyone?

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