Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wednesday 28 November 2007

WMESB™: I refer the honourable readers to the answer I gave some 24 hours ago.
Driver: Same driver as yesterday.

Flicked between several footie matches last night without really concentrating on one.

Went on to a variety of websites in an attempt to find the definitive route to the Cottier Theatre – three sites, three differing routes. I forgot that Glasgow has some crazy one-way system, especially around the venue. At least I’ve got plenty of time to get there and home again. I think I’ll need it. More importantly, I’ve organised my soundtrack for the journey.

Talking of which, I’m enjoying the newly refreshed mp3 player and this morning’s journey to work featured some doozies:

Jesus and Mary Chain – Never Understand
Crowded House – Distant Sun
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
The Popguns – Waiting For The Winter
Groove Farm – The Best Part of Being With You
My Bloody Valentine – Paint A Rainbow
Darling Buds – Uptight
Mother and the Addicts – So Tough
The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Beat – Jeanette
Chin Chin – Stop Your Crying
Morrissey – Boxers
Superstar – Couldn’t It Be You
Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities (the perfect travelling-to-work-in-the-morning-on-public-transport-in-the-dark instrumental)
The Beat – I Confess
Babybird – Goodnight
Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love 12”
Sharon Tandy – Love Makes The World Go Round
House of Love – Destroy The Heart
Jim Gipson – Kill Me Once Again

Watched “Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and it begs the questions: (a) why do people unsuited to the restaurant business go into it (and risk losing everything they have)? (b) why do people who can’t cook work in kitchens (risking the lives of customers)? and (c) why do people ignore the sound advice of someone who has countless restaurants and awards and a wealth of experience? Personally, I’d have spit-roasted Toby and sold him on the carvery, although I suspect he’d have been a bit grisly.

I didn’t get a chance to sob like a big Jessie last night as "The Secret Millionaire", which usually follows Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares had been put back to 2305 because of a programme about The Sun’s “Dear Deirdre” column. I’ve taped it and shall watch it tomorrow with a box of Kleenex at the ready.

I’ve once again been snubbed in the list of the Scotland on Sunday’s Top 50 Most Eligible Scots. I suspect this is in no small part down to the fact that (a) I’m married and (b) I’m not Scottish; still, it would be nice to be considered. The GLW has suggested I’m “bubbling under” at 51, again. Bless her. I actually know someone who IS on the list. Billy McElhaney is at number 22 and he’s a friend of the family. He’s also a bloody good laugh.

I’ve just found out that as well as the Celtic game there are also three big gigs on in Glasgow tonight. Queens of the Stone Age (Carling Academy), The Pigeon Detectives (Barrowlands – Sold Out) and Michael Buble at the SECCCCC will help to add to the congestion! I just can’t wait!!

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