Monday, November 12, 2007

Saturday 10 November 2007

I forgot to mention that a non-league team called Ware (probably from the Jewsons Timber Division 4 South B league) were at home to Kidderminster in the FA Cup. Ware lost 2-0 and had a man sent off. His name was Danny Wolf. So he was the first Ware Wolf to play in the FA Cup!! He doesn't look very hairy for a werewolf!!

The GLW suggested we have a takeaway but instead of phoning I drove to the restaurant myself. The one I thought I was going to had shut down but luckily there was another open nearby. Although I have to say I couldn’t get out of the area quick enough. Too many kids loitering about asking people to buy them drink from Haddows, the only other shop open in the area. Head down, straight into the car and off I went. (Just for the record, I had Szechuan King Prawn and the GLW had Lemon Chicken, which came with a lot of pineapple for some reason).

Turned out there was nothing to watch on our hundred or so channels so we decided to continue our A-Z of our DVDs. Back in May we decided that because we have lots of DVDs that we’ve never watched we would start at A and work our way through the alphabet. The plan was to watch the DVD on a Saturday night, as the TV is generally rubbish. Unfortunately, after the first weekend, when we watched the excellent “Almost Famous”, we’ve just never had a chance to watch the next one, until Saturday that is.

The GLW had seen “Amelie” but I hadn’t and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, after a tiring week at work we only lasted 45 minutes before we started nodding off. So we have part 2 to watch, no doubt sometime in February 2008. We should get to Z by the time we’re collecting our pensions and DVDs have become already become extinct.

Sunday 11 November 2007

I woke up feeling as knackered as when I went to bed. We had no milk for breakfast
So I drove to a local shop, instead of Tesco. I’ve been doing this more and more.

After brekkie and a shower, I went off to Tesco for a full shop. I walked in during the two minute’ silence, which I’d completely forgotten about. At first I thought I’d walked into Westworld and was waiting for Yul Brynner to appear. After a quick zip round, well as fast as the multitude of ditherers would allow, I bumped into an old neighbour in the car park. When I say “old neighbour”, of course I mean that he used to live near us and not that he was elderly! After exchanging chitchat about family, houses and buses we went our separate ways. It’s a good job too because it was really cold and I was only wearing a rather natty, if I do say so myself, Postcard Records t-shirt.

It was off home for a light lunch then off to Flick’s nursery to get some photos done. Once a year they get a professional photographer in and they make good presents for relatives. Flick was an absolute star and “performed” well although she seemed quite non-plussed about the whole thing.

Then it was back out again to Tesco to drop off the recycling, get some petrol and put the car through the car wash. Now, filling up with petrol and using a car wash are two of the things they don’t teach you when you’re learning to drive and I wish Ron had. The petrol station was really busy and the only one available was on the “wrong side”. One attempt to stretch the nozzle over the car failed so I had to put it back, and try and manoeuvre the car into a better position. I did it but only just. I must have looked a right idiot. I actually managed to get bang on £20. I paid for the petrol, got my code for the car wash and drove into it. Only I get going too far forward or too far back and when I did get it right I got worried because the whole started moving and I thought I’d left the handbrake off. At least I remembered to close the window!

During a late lunch/early dinner Flick commented that she was “full up to her head”! Kids do indeed say the funniest things.

Then I headed off to the study to do the competitions and crosswords. I thought I’d check the tape for the audio round and was horrified to find it blank!! To cut a long frustrating story short I had to burn the Audio Rounds off I-Tunes, where I’d thankfully saved them, and then tape them on to cassette. I also added another intro track. As well as The Quik’s “Bert’s Apple Crumble”, my intro of choice on my hospital show, I’ve added “Answers” by The Questions, a Scottish band from the 80s. Panic over and I calmed my nerves with an intake of caffeine.

I hunted on the net for news of Daryl Peach’s match at the World Pool Championship and was rather disappointed that the BBC website had no news of it. It was only when I went on to the tournament’s official site that I found that Daryl had won 17-15. He’d beaten three local players on the way to the title. He probably won’t merit a mention on the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards but I for one appreciate his victory, the first by a Briton.

What a busy day.

Monday 12 November 2007

I had to scrape some ice off the back window this morning, something else I hadn’t done since passing my test. I even had time to drop off a couple of competition entries at the Dunfermline Press before heading off to work. This week’s listening choice is “The Complete Stone Roses”.

Flick has taken to singing The Proclaimers’ “500 Miles”, which is so cute. She’s getting quite a repertoire, what with her already doing “The Time Warp” (dance included) and some Christmas tunes. Before you know it, she’ll be on tour!

A reasonably busy day at work. Three more idiots on The Word Is Out. Are we bitter because we didn't get through? You bet your life we are.
I got a couple of interesting phone calls mid-afternoon. Firstly, I got a call from a lady (I didn't catch her name) from the SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) informing me that I'd won a signed guitar in a competition. I vaguely remember the competition because I don't normally do text competitions because they're too expensive but as this was a worthy cause, and one close to my heart, I entered. I don't recall what the question/answer was but I won and that's the main thing!! They're going to courier it over to me at work so I can take it home in the car. Of course, I've not idea how to play the thing but hey, I'll just potter about on it.
Not long after that I got a call from Michelle at "Brainbox", the quiz show I'd auditioned for in Glasgow recently. She just wanted to confirm a couple of things about shows I'd been on before. Like most serial applicants I'd omitted some shows from my form and I thought she might've been on to me (It's not as if I'm a serial winner. I've only won one "big" prize and £2000 wasn't exactly a fortune then, let alone now) but she only wanted to check what month I was on "Countdown" and "Sudo-Q" last year. She said she'd be in touch. I hope so.
Only one stall on the drive home today and it wasn't until I was over the bridge whizzing along the motorway when I saw someone flashing me (not that way) in the rear view mirror. I'd only forgotten to put my lights on. What a fanny! I thank him and then again when he overtook me later.


Are the GLW and I the only people who don’t find The Mighty Boosch funny?
How do you decide you want to become a pole-vaulter?
What is 'occasional furniture' the rest of the time?


Miss Jane said...

I don't find it funny either...

Anonymous said...

Meinen freund, you do nott decide to become a Pole, you sint geborn one at ze birth. And how did you know my name ist Valter?